I can't create campaign or adset without setting bid capping. For removing bid capping, I had to manually unchek setting in ads manager.

Is it possible to create adset without bid capping directly via API?

My code

fbad_create_adset(fbacc = fb_acc_init,
                           name = fb_adset_i_name,
                           optimization_goal= "REACH",
                           campaign_id = post_campaign_id,
                           bid_strategy = "LOWEST_COST_WITHOUT_CAP",
                           lifetime_budget = lifetime_budget_input,
                           billing_event = "IMPRESSIONS",
                           start_time = as.POSIXct(Sys.time(), tz = "Europe/Prague"),
                           end_time = fb_adset_end_time,
                           targeting = list(
                             geo_locations = list(countries = list("SK")),
                             publisher_platforms = list("facebook"),
                             age_min = 18

Produces error

Error in fbad_create_adset(fbacc = fb_acc_init, name = fb_adset_i_name,  : 
  argument "bid_amount" is missing, with no default

When I add bid amount (which has to be removed in admanager afterwards) adset is created.


  • Depends on the API version you are using -- in the past, is_autobid = TRUE had to be set, but if using a more recent version of API (as it seems from the bid_strategy, then it shouldn't be required anymore. To keep it short, this is a bug in fbRads, please open a ticket on GitHub, it will be much easier to track this there. – daroczig Dec 7 '18 at 18:05

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