I've got an arm Docker image running Ubuntu 16.04 on my x64 Ubuntu 18.04 host using the qemu-arm-static binary and can get into it via something like:

docker run --privileged -it arm32v7-builder /bin/bash

95% runs great, but I'm running into a bizarre error where I get the following:

build@35754bd32d6d:~$ /usr/bin/man /usr/bin/man: error while loading shared libraries: libmandb-2.7.5.so: cannot open shared object file: Permission denied

I've double checked permissions on the binaries and libraries, all's fine. I'm able to run other things like gcc, there's just some weird thing about man. Unfortunately, I need it as I'm trying to deb build some packages. I've seen vague references to some glitch between qemu-arm-static and libc and so on, but I've not seen a definitive cause/fix for this. Has anyone else run into this?



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