Are we able to view a website's resources in google Chrome (Ctrl+U) or any web browser? Is there any way we can also access resources of website when it uses flash player? I am just Curious to know if there is any way we can access. example website : animaker : in this website we can make animation videos very easily but its not for offline, we can make videos when the flash player is enabled

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  • Viewing a flash file's resources cannot be done via the browser. – rawnewdlz Dec 6 at 19:25
  • then what can be done? – Fav Club Dec 7 at 11:11
  • Years ago there were applications that would decompile swf files. I imagine it probably still exists. Try doing an online search for it. – rawnewdlz Dec 7 at 15:29
  • Ok will do that, and also if you find any way please do reply how. – Fav Club Dec 8 at 21:45

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