Example of text not fitting Hi as shown in the picture you canno't see the full text however I don't want to decrease the fonsize for all other items.

Only if it they're greater that 16 in length.

Can I return the fontSize in my renderTitleStyle method or can I do in within the ListItem props e.g {infoText.length > 16 ? (fontSize: 12) : (fontSize: 32)} However I don't think this works.

  renderTitleStyle = item => {
const infoText = item.location_from + item.location_to;
if (infoText.length > 12) {
  // Return fontSize ???

      onPress={() => this.toggleModalConfirmTrip(item)}
      title={`${item.location_from} to ${item.location_to} `}
      ....[![Example of text not fitting][1]][1]

You should be able to set styles dynamically by passing an array of styles with a style array element that depends on a state or a conditional.

<Text style={[styles.mainStyles, {fontSize: ((infoText && infoText.length) > 16 ? 12 :32) }]}>
   {/*other elements*/}

In your specific case i would try passing that condictional as property for ListItem Component.


dont forget to create the function.

_renderItemTitleStyle = (item) => {
  if (item && Object.keys(item).length) {
    const infoText = item.location_from + item.location_to;
    return {fontSize: (infoText.length > 16 ? 12 :32)}
  console.warn("param item has no properties");
  • 1
    Thanks that worked! I was nearly there :) – Oscar Fen Dec 6 '18 at 17:51
  • Also why use the dangling _ in naming conventions for rendering ? ESLint isn't a fan of it. – Oscar Fen Dec 6 '18 at 17:58
  • @OscarFen it is just a convention. – Helmer Barcos Dec 6 '18 at 17:59

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