getFrequencyResponse on a BiquadFilterNode on WebKit iOS always gives all 1s (flat) no matter what filter parameters are chosen.

Is there any hack or workaround to actually get this working?

EDIT: As requested, the gist of the relevant code (CoffeeScript):

numFreqs = App.Audio.config.spectrumNumBands / 16
freqs = new Float32Array(numFreqs)
freqResponse = new Float32Array(numFreqs)
phaseResponse = new Float32Array(numFreqs)

for a in [0...numFreqs]
    freqs[a] = (a/numFreqs) ** App.Audio.config.spectrumLog * (App.Audio.context.sampleRate/2) + 0.0001

filterNode.getFrequencyResponse(freqs, freqResponse, phaseResponse)

After this, freqResponse is all 1s, and phaseResponse is all 0s, no matter the filter parameters and if I set them through setValueAtTime or directly.

  • Can you provide some sample code showing what you did? – Raymond Toy Dec 6 at 18:44

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