I am trying to mark tests as pass/failed through a rest API (Zephyr) while my testcafe tests are running. I was wondering if it's possible in the after or afterEach hook to know if the test passed/failed so that I can run some script based on the result.

Something like:

.after(async t => {
  if(testFailed === true) { callApi('my test failed'); }

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I see two ways in which to solve your task. First, do not subscribe to the after hook, but create your own reporter or modify the existing reporter. Please refer to the following article: https://devexpress.github.io/testcafe/documentation/extending-testcafe/reporter-plugin/#implementing-the-reporter   The most interesting method there is reportTestDone because it accepts errs as a parameter, so you can add your custom logic there.

The second approach is using sharing variables between hooks and test code

You can write your test in the following manner:

test(`test`, async t => {
    await t.click('#non-existing-element');

    t.ctx.passed = true;
}).after(async t => {
    if (t.ctx.passed)
        throw new Error('not passed');

Here I am using the shared passed variable between the test code and hook. If the test fails, the variable will not be set to true, and I'll get an error in the after hook.

  • This is exactly what I ended up doing (the custom reporter). Thank you :) – Marques Woodson 14 hours ago

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