How can I get Jenkins notifications in Stride using a scripted pipeline?

node{ stage1... stage2... etc }

I'm building and testing my project with this code:

node {
    stage 'Checkout'
        checkout scm

    stage 'Build'
        bat "\"C:/Program Files/dotnet/dotnet.exe\" restore \"${workspace}/MyProg.sln\""
        bat "\"C:/Program Files/dotnet/dotnet.exe\" build \"${workspace}/MyProg.sln\""

    stage 'UnitTests'
        bat returnStatus: true, script: "\"C:/Program Files/dotnet/dotnet.exe\" test \"${workspace}/MyProg.sln\" --logger \"trx;LogFileName=unit_tests.xml\" --no-build"
        step([$class: 'MSTestPublisher', testResultsFile:"**/unit_tests.xml", failOnError: true, keepLongStdio: true])

Trying to set up a declarative pipeline:

pipeline {agent any stages {stage('Build') {... 

I get this error:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: No such DSL method 'steps' found among steps [archive, bat,.......       

How do I fix this?

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