Having a strange problem trying to implement Parsley validation for my forms.

I have a page which has 2 separate forms, both with unique id's and name's.

On first submitting the 1st form after Parsley validation, it works well and seems to function perfectly. However if I then submit using the 2nd form on the page (which submits fine) then come back to the 1st form, it begins to malfunction and submit multiple times on this 1st form.

When this starts happening, the more I try to submit this form, the amount of times it gets submitted grows exponentially.

The only way to stop this happening is to properly refresh the page at which point it works ok for a while.

Has anyone else has issues with Parsley autosubmitting multiple times when working with more than one form?

Here is the code I'm using on 1st form:

    $('#menu-form').parsley().on('field:validated', function() {
         var ok = $('.parsley-error').length === 0;
      .on('form:submit', function() {

So basically...the app.createMenuItem(event) is running more than once.

I have the following in the app.createMenuItem function to reset the forms but it doesn't seem to have any effect :


Any advice appreciated :)

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