Recently i added below entry to my web.config in my project in order to resolve this error

WebForms UnobtrusiveValidationMode requires a ScriptResourceMapping for 'jquery'. Please add a ScriptResourceMapping named jquery(case-sensitive).

<add key="ValidationSettings:UnobtrusiveValidationMode" value="None" /> 

I also have below entry in my web.config

 <add key="UnobtrusiveJavaScriptEnabled" value="true"/>

with this setting turned off client side validation is being performed using Microsoft javascript libraries (the same way it was performed in ASP.NET MVC 1 and 2). Otherwise (with setting turned on) client side validation is performed using JQuery Validate.

From MSDN :

ValidationSettings:UnobtrusiveValidationMode Specifies how ASP.NET globally enables the built-in validator controls to use unobtrusive JavaScript for client-side validation logic.

If this key value is set to "None" [default], the ASP.NET application will use the pre-4.5 behavior (JavaScript inline in the pages) for client-side validation logic.

If this key value is set to "WebForms", ASP.NET uses HTML5 data-attributes and late bound JavaScript from an added script reference for client-side validation logic.

I want to understand making UnobtrusiveJavaScriptEnabled = true and ValidationSettings:UnobtrusiveValidationMode = None , gonna affect any client validation or jquery not to fire or any other side affects ?

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