At the Supermarket: A market has 3 cashiers and sells a given set of products (described as ID, name, price, number of stored items of this product). The details of the stored items must be read from a file at the boot of the systek.

A customer enters in the market by taking a cart. A customer can be simple, frequent or special. A frequent customer has a fidelity card (ID_card, name_customer, address, phone number, number of gained points). A special customer is a frequent customer having a special offer (discount on the total costs). The lists of frequent and special customers are read from separate files at the start of the system.

Following the lanes, the customer inserts various products into the cart. The list of the items introduced in the cart is read from a file. At the end of the shopping the customer goes to the checkout. The customer selects the cashier for the payment (taken as input). The cashier makes the bill (list of selected items, price, quantity, total cost = price*quantity, total of the bill). When the bill is payed, the cashier provides the customer with the receipt that reports the bill, the receipt number (that is unique), the payment method, the shopping date and time. Moreover, it must report the fidelity card ID and the total point gained with the shopping, if the customer is frequent and provides his card. The receipt also indicates the applied discount in case the customer is special. When the receipt has been provided, the system saves it in a file (named by the receipt number), update the store decreasing the quantity of purchased products and the fidelity card with respect to the gained points. To determine the daily taking of each cashier, the amount of the receipt is also saved in the cashier notes. At the end of the day (the system shutdowns), the daily taking of each cashier is printed and all files related to products and customers are updated.

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