As per the schema defined in sqlfiddle I want to get the sum of credits - sum of debits and then insert this for each customer number is another table as customer number, balance. any clues how to do it, I tried the query in the fiddle but it does not seem to work

Your problem is that you've confused ACCOUNT_TYPE and TRANSACTION_TYPE in your ACCOUNT_TRANSACTIONS table - you put the transaction types (credit, debit) in the ACCOUNT_TYPE field, and you put the account types (customer, etc) in the TRANSACTION_TYPE field.

If you switch the ACCOUNT_TYPE and TRANSACTION_TYPE fields in your table definition you get:

create table account_transactions
  (customer_number varchar2(10),
   transaction_type varchar2(10),
   account_type varchar2(10),
   amount number);

insert into account_transactions values('5555','credit','customer',10);
insert into account_transactions values('5555','debit','customer',10);
insert into account_transactions values('5555','debit','other',15);
insert into account_transactions values('5555','credit','mgr',15);

Here's a fiddle with the fields flipped around

With the table populated correctly your query

SELECT t1.CUSTOMER_NUMBER, sum(t2.amount - t1.amount) AS balance
        t1.TRANSACTION_TYPE = 'debit' AND
        t2.TRANSACTION_TYPE= 'credit' and
        t1.ACCOUNT_TYPE='customer' and

works fine.

Best of luck.

  • what if there are multiple such transactions (credit,debit) the result gives incorrect value for sum(). If I execute individual query for credit,debit I get correct values – Ayub Dec 6 at 18:48
  • I suggest you ask another question about that. Include the data to reproduce the problem you describe and your query which demonstrates the problem. Include a reference to this question in your new question. Thanks. – Bob Jarvis Dec 6 at 19:28

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