Hey I'm new to Ethereum. I currently try out basic call/transactions in a web application. I wrote a method which returns a string array and a address array. If I call this method in remixIde it is working and i get values for both arrays. However the same call in web3 only returns values for address array. String array is there but all values are empty.

I use a Ganache Chain for testing and connected remix ide to it. web3 uses Metamask as provider. I use "pragma experimental ABIEncoderV2" with Solidity.

Solidity Function:

function getAuthorityNames() view public returns(string[], address[]){
    string[] memory names = new string[](authoritiesAddr.length);
    for(uint256 i=0; i < authoritiesAddr.length ;i++){

js code:

getAuthority: function(web3) {
  var mainContractObj = web3.eth.contract(ethFunctions.mainContractAbi);
  var mainContract = mainContractObj.at(ethFunctions.mainContractAddr);

  mainContract.getAuthorityNames.call(function(error, result) {
    if (error) {
      console.log("Error with transaction!");
    } else {
      console.log("Transaction successful!");

remix return values

web return values

Calls are working with both Methods! Only return value is different. Why is this? Thank you!

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