Desired flow:

  1. User hits a webapi or mvc controller that has the [Authorize] attribute when they are not logged in.
  2. Request is redirected to IdentityServer4's login page
  3. The user enter's their Active Directory credentials and clicks login
  4. The user is redirected to the secured mvc controller or api with their SubjectId set to their username
  5. The MVC/WebApi application utilizes AspNet Identity to pull a custom user object out of MongoDB to be used in the controller method.

To accomplish this, what I have tried currently is to utilize IdentityServer4 Quickstart configured along with the IdentityServer.LdapExtension nuget package (source: IdentityServer.LdapExtension) with this as my Startup.cs:

    public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)

        services.AddIdentity<Api.AppUser, Api.AppRole>()
            .AddMongoDbStores<Api.AppUser, Api.AppRole, string>


        // configure identity server with in-memory stores, keys, clients and scopes
            ////.AddSigningCredential(...) // Strongly recommended, if you want something more secure than developer signing (Read The Manual since it's highly recommended)
            .AddLdapUsers<ActiveDirectoryAppUser>(Configuration.GetSection("ldapActiveDirectory"), UserStore.InMemory)

    public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app)
        if (Env.IsDevelopment())


This authtenticates against ActiveDirectory just fine and works with the sample MVC client from IdentityServer4. You may also notice that I added in the AspNetCore.Identity.MongoDbCore nuget package (source: AspNetCore.Identity.MongoDbCore) configuration code ( AddMongoDbStores<Api.AppUser, Api.AppRole, string>....

After struggling for a while, what I ended up doing was modifying the code in the IdentityServer4 Quickstart's AccountController to add the following lines right before the SignInAsync call:

var mongouser = await _mongoUserStore.FindByIdAsync(user.SubjectId, CancellationToken.None);
if(mongouser == null)
  mongouser = new AppUser();
  mongouser.UserName = user.Username;
  mongouser.Id = user.Username;
  await _mongoUserStore.CreateAsync(mongouser, CancellationToken.None);

This does create the user in my mongodb database whenever a user first log's in. I also setup the MVC Client to have the MongoDb user store with the same user and role classes. However, when I get redirected back to the MVC Client's controller, I get the following error:

Error Message

I tried fixing this with this answer: c# - Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value, CreateIdentityAsync but that just caused an endless redirect loop once I gave SecurityStamp a value.

I'm at minimum looking for guidance on what I should be looking into next?

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