I have just finished a training about the following java frameworks :

-Hibernate, Spring MVC 5, ehCache.

for the front development i know : - AngularJS, Jquery,

for management code and deployment i know : - Maven, Gitk, Git Gui, GitHub

I did this training using eclipse and tomcat server.

I am now goin to apply for jobs as a j2ee developper.

I am a bit afraid because i often see recent post about those products i DONT know, and i dont have much time anymore to train about them. here is the list :

EJB JSF STRUTS Thymeleaf SVN (Subversion) Agile (Jira etc..)

What should i not avoid learning to find a job as a j2ee developper (not forcely a full stack). What are the most important products i should train for to finilize my training ? PS : - I train alone with you guys from stackoverflow, and you are very usefull , thanks agin :) - I dont apply for mobile development or cloud

Thank you for some anwers of real Java EE developpers...

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