I'll dive right in. I am using ScanamoAlpakka.

I have the following:

 'field1 -> value1,
 'field2 -> value2,
  and so on...

The goal is to iterate the map and remove any empty values. Once the empty values are removed, I need to transform each key/value pair into a query condition based on its type.

Like so:

   case (key, Some(value: DateRange)) => key between (value.after and value.before)
   case (key, Some(value)) => key -> value
 .reduce(_ and _)

This does not work because the conditions outlined above do not immediately become objects of a query condition class. I have been looking through the SDK and have had difficulty finding a class that would transform the key/value pairs into a queryable condition.

I have tried using Condition(key, value) which appears to work, however when done in this format it appears all of the implicits that apply for DynamoFormat are lost, as I get the following error:

Error:(22, 45) could not find implicit value for evidence parameter of type com.gu.scanamo.query.ConditionExpression[(Symbol, Any)] case (key, Some(value)) => Condition(key -> value)

  • I do not see any parent trait for RangeKeyCondition (which is created with between) and KeyEquals. However there is a ConditionExpression typeclass. But for that you will have to store all of the conditions in a heterogeneos list, like HList from shapeless. – dvim Dec 7 '18 at 6:06

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