I'm wondering if I did something wrong here, I couldn't find any documentation that explained what sort of preconditions there are on setting up a linear regression using Dask ML.

I have a dask dataframe named Facts,

def train_model(facts, features_cols, target):
Train linear regression model from fact table
facts: Dask Dataframe 
    Set of data to be used for features and target
feature_cols: Array<column_names>
    Array of column names to be loaded as features
target: string<column_name>
    Name of column to be used as target

model: Linear Regresssion
    Linear Regression model trained on features

features = facts[features_cols].values
target = facts[[target]].values
model = LinearRegression()
model.fit(features, target)
return model

If I call compute on the features and target and use LinearRegression from sklearn it computes in the expected amount of time. In Dask ML it appears as though an absurdly large amount of data (an order of magnitude greater than the sum of all the data being used) is loaded into memory. I'm a total noobie to this, so is there something I'm missing? Do I have to compute values before submitting them to the Linear Regression?

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