ASP.NET Core projects create many subdirectories like:


I found that one of them can be disabled with the secret AppendTargetFrameworkToOutputPath and I now have:


but I'd like it to just be the old


so I tried to find something similar in but there is not even the first option.

Why is this so secret that it's nowhere documented? Is there such an option for the other subdirectory too?

I guess this is comming from the


but why? I didn't ask for it.

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Disable 'RuntimeIdentifier' subfolder in ASP.NET Core output path

You can disable this behavior by setting:


This behavior comes from the .NET Core RID Catalog.

Hope this helps.

  • Oh, I didn't see this comming :-o This is cheating ;-] How did you know about it? I mean that you just have to combine the AppendSomethingToOutputPath with the other element? Where is this documented? – t3chb0t Dec 7 at 7:47
  • 1
    Yes, it is rarely noticed, I know it from an issue on github when I investigate the output path for .NET Standard project. – Leo Liu-MSFT Dec 7 at 7:51

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