As ava documentation says I should create a file named test.js to my root's project. But having a single file for my tests seems a recipe for maintenance nightmares. Thus I want to split my tests into multiple files into a folder named tests and somehow run them from test.js file.

For example let us suppose we have a test named ./tests/basic-tests.js and has this code:

import test from ava;
import {Calculator} from calculator;

test('it calculates',t =>{
  //Some test here

And have an another one in ./tests/burn_it_down.js

import test from ava;
import {SethRollins} from wwe;

test('Burned it Down',t =>{
  //Another tests here

So I want in test.js somehow to run both the tests in ./tests/basic-tests.js and in ./tests/burn_it_down.js. Do you know how to do that?


AVA works with multiple files, too. tests/ isn't in the default search pattern though (test/ is). Assuming you're configuring AVA through the package.json file you can do:

  "ava": {
    "files": "./tests/*.js"

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