Started new IOS XAML App project "App1".
Double-clicked MainPage.xaml
Clicked Design button on upper right.

It showed "Welcome to Xamarin.Forms!"

Opened VS Toolbox, but when I click and try to drag any control over the design pane, it shows the black-circle-with-slash.

Double-click Toolbox control doesn't do anything.

Using... Visual Studio 2017 Pro on Windows 10 Pro VS is connected to my MacBook.

  • Are you using the XAML previewer? It seems you can not drag-and-drop interface builder for xaml right now. You can drag-and-drop codes in the .xaml file. – Jack Hua - MSFT Dec 7 at 2:46

I don't believe there is currently drag-and-drop interface builder for Xamarin.Forms. See Does Xamarin.Forms have designer support on VS? and several others.

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