I am trying to build a imap client with php(or any programming language).

So i have built a custom imap driver which normally calls telnet commands.

For Inbox is start forward but the problem is with the sent folder for the testing use i am using google's mail server(gmail) for email addresses the telnet list is as following

Telnet Command used for fetching sent folders LIST "" "*Sent*"

for one mail examplmail1@gmail.com list

    [1] => * LIST (\HasNoChildren \Sent) "/" "[Gmail]/Sent Mail"

and for another mail examplmail2@gmail.com list

    [0] => * LIST (\HasNoChildren) "/" "Sent"
    [1] => * LIST (\HasNoChildren \Sent) "/" "[Gmail]/Sent Mail"

we can identify the for gmail [Gmail]/Sent Mail the default sent folder but when the mailserver changes then how to idetify the defined default sent folder for that mailserver.

Is there any other way to idetify, did i missed some logic.

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