I am looking at the Theme Guide

It informs me that there are several prebuilt themes available:

@import '@angular/material/prebuilt-themes/deeppurple-amber.css'; is one.

Where do these themes come from?

My problem stems from trying to create my own theme. If for example, I follow the excellent angular-ngrx-material-starter black-theme.scss, then I appear to not define enough colours. My mat-select is unstyled.

I need to add one of the prebuilt themes above in order to get a full theme, but now I have purples in my theme and a general miss match of colours which I don't want. Clearly I am missing the full range of colours in my theme.

I feel that if I could see the "source" of a pre-built theme, I might have some idea how to make my own.

Would anyone be able to shine a light on this for me?

  • How are you using that file? That file is a SASS partial (which should be prefixed with an underscore). It is meant to be imported with a lot of other things and used merely to create a theme. It does not apply anything - it is just something you can use to define a theme. You would still need to apply the theme via the standard Angular Material theming. The pre-built themes are complete CSS that only require you to included them in your application or page. – G. Tranter Dec 7 '18 at 19:18

Shot Answer

Answer for you if your angular project is using scss. The colours are surely there if you are using a default palate from the angular material module like the example you gave above. You probably just did not add the overlay themes. Mat-select is an overlay

In your main


@import '../node_modules/@angular/material/theming';

$anms-black-primary: mat-palette($mat-grey, 700, 300, 900);
$anms-black-accent: mat-palette($mat-blue-grey, 400);
$anms-black-warn: mat-palette($mat-red, 500);

$anms-black-theme: mat-dark-theme(
@include angular-material-theme($anms-black-theme);
.whatever-theme {
  @include angular-material-theme($anms-black-theme);


export class AppComponent {
  constructor(overlayContainer: OverlayContainer) {

Prebuilt themes are just generated by compiling the scss file. Most of theme variables and functions are in node_modules/@angular/material/_theme.scss

Example $(npm bin)/node-sass $FILE > $DEST_PATH/$BASENAME.css

Long Answer

To understand themes in angular you got to have a basic understanding of scss which is the default way to generate themes in angular.


To have a good example of scss styling in a proper angular project will be the material docs repo. https://github.com/angular/material.angular.io.

In node_modules/@angular/material/_theming.scss you can see how the theme variable are defined and define custom themes on your own.

A good answer for creating custom themes.

How can I use custom theme palettes in Angular?

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