I have 2 observables:

  1. this.configsService.getConfigsList()
  2. this.bcProductService.getProductById(config['id'])

I can subscribe to both of them and use their data.

I want to get the configs list and map each config item with its corresponding product (using the config.id)... Something like this.

    const configs = this.configsService.getConfigsList;
    const product= (id)=> this.bcProductService.getProductById(id);
        concatMap(val => product(val['id']).map(t=>val['p']=t) )
    ).subscribe(test => {
        console.log('configs with products: ', test);

but that is not working. the above does not print an error or the console.log. I see several examples of this online but i just can seem to get it working. Thank you for helping.

another attempt

this is the example from https://www.learnrxjs.io/operators/combination/combinelatest.html but i get the following error.

core.js:1673 ERROR TypeError: combinedProject.subscribe is not a function

configsWithP(): any {
    const configs = this.configsService.getConfigsList;
    const product = this.bcProductService.getProductById(124);
    const combinedProject = combineLatest( configs, product, (c, p) => {
        return `c: ${c}, p: ${p}`;
    // log values
    const subscribe = combinedProject.subscribe(latestValuesProject =>
  • Perhaps what you're looking for is combineLatest – penleychan Dec 6 at 22:15
  • the console log from above will look like this configs with products: Observable {_isScalar: false, source: Observable, operator: MapOperator} but no data – Omar Dec 6 at 22:24
  • i can see here how to get both calls combined but i need to add the data together in s specific structure. like above. learnrxjs.io/operators/combination/combinelatest.html – Omar Dec 6 at 22:28

Updated answer after we discussed it in chat and made a solution. The getConfigLists returns an Observable that emits arrays of config objects. Then for every object in the array the corresponding product needs to be retrieved from a service and merged with the config object. After that it needs to again come out as an observable that emits the array of config object.

This is the solution:

private configsWithP(): any {
  const configs = this.configsService.getConfigsList;
  const combinedConfigs = configs.pipe(
    flatMap((configsArray) => {
      const getProductObservablesArray = configsArray.map((config) => this.bcProductService.getProductById(124));
      return zip(...getProductObservablesArray, (...args: any[]) => args).pipe(
        map(products => {
          for (let i = 0; i < configsArray.length; i++) {
            configsArray[i]['p'] = products[i];
          return configsArray;
  combinedConfigs.subscribe(configss=> {

Here is also a sample on StackBlitz that works. I did not create services I create observables and combine them. Check the console there and you will see the output.

  • yes you understand correctly. What you provided did not return an error and nothing was logged to the console – Omar Dec 6 at 23:26
  • it may help to know that the configs return looks like [ {}, {} ] – Omar Dec 6 at 23:37
  • Maybe the problem is the call to getConfigsList and should be getConfigList() instead. I updated the sample with a link to my working code. – AlesD Dec 6 at 23:40
  • I see so it is an array not an observable. I will then change the code. – AlesD Dec 6 at 23:42
  • yes ur example on stackBiz is what i need. But when mapping the configs return the config is showing all of the configs instead of the individual – Omar Dec 6 at 23:42

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