I have in 2 sheets in an excel, in sheet1 i have data as below


   Column A Column B    Column C

      A     Apple       123 
        B       Mango       1234    
        C       Grapes      7892
        D       Orange      5879
        E       Banana      12346 


Column A    Column B    Column C
A       Value1      Value1
A       Value1      value2
B       value2      value2
C       value3      value3
D       Value4      Value7  
D       Value4      value9

I need the result in sheet3 like, all the matching records of sheet1 of column A which are present in sheet2 entire columns, and column B and C of sheet1

Column A    Column B    Column C    Column D    Column E
A       Value1      Value1      Apple       123
A       value1      value2      Apple       123
B       Value1      Value2      Mango       1234
C       Value3      Value3      Grapes      7892    

I have > 100k record to compare. i need this to be dynamically take the range of both sheet1 and sheet2 both rows and columns for comparison. I need fastest way to run the code since I have lots of record to compare in excel.

I wrote below code for this, it is running very long time and also not getting the proper result and end up in some exception. I am not sure what is the issue nor where is the dead lock.

Sub match_columns()
Dim I, j, total, fRow As Long
Dim found As Range
total = Sheets("Sales").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
total1 = Sheets("Order").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
j = 1
For I = 2 To total
For k = 2 To total1
    answer1 = Worksheets("Sales").Range("AK" & I).Value
    answer2 = Worksheets("Sales").Range("AK" & I).Address
    answer2 = Right(answer2, 1)
    If answer1 <> "" Then Set found = Sheets(2).Columns("N:N").Find(what:=answer1)  'finds a match
       If found Is Nothing Then
    fRow = Sheets("Order").Columns("N:N").Find(what:=answer1).Row
    Worksheets("Order").Range("A" & fRow & ":" & "AI" & fRow).Copy
             ActiveSheet.Cells(j, 1).Select
Worksheets("Forcast").Cells(j, 13).Value = Worksheets(1).Range("c" & answer2).Value
Worksheets("Forcast").Cells(j, 14).Value = Worksheets(1).Range("e" & answer2).Value
j = j + 1
End If
Next k
Next I
End Sub

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  • Could you please let me know, how to parameterize the ODBC;DSN and excel sheet path. (From Other Sources -> From Microsoft Query)? – Rick Dec 7 at 5:14

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