I have a problem sending an array of arrays of bytes along with my query to SqlX.

I'll give a concrete example, consider the following:

I have these hashes:

hash1 := []byte("84ce419844366f84de5352c257f06e356fe1ee4c4248e774c66cd44a7cf24c84f6492e988287db9fc3e540dac4efbd4813ce6f82afa9f552b1f5d46376dcac30")
hash2 := []byte("84ce419844366f84de5352c257f06e356fe1ee4c4248e774c66cd44a7cf24c84f6492e988287db9fc3e540dac4efbd4813ce6f82afa9f552b1f5d46376dcac30")
hash3 := []byte("84ce419844366f84de5352c257f06e356fe1ee4c4248e774c66cd44a7cf24c84f6492e988287db9fc3e540dac4efbd4813ce6f82afa9f552b1f5d46376dcac30")
hash4 := []byte("84ce419844366f84de5352c257f06e356fe1ee4c4248e774c66cd44a7cf24c84f6492e988287db9fc3e540dac4efbd4813ce6f82afa9f552b1f5d46376dcac30")

Stored like this:

hashes := [][]byte{}

hashes = append(txsHashes, txHash1)
hashes = append(txsHashes, txHash2)
hashes = append(txsHashes, txHash3)
hashes = append(txsHashes, txHash4)

Now I want to delete all rows that their hash is in the hashes array.


    query := "DELETE SomeTable WHERE hash IN (?)"

I'm creating the DB connection:

db  :=  &sqlx.DB{}
sqlDriverStr := "sqlite3"
dataSourcePath := "./mock.db"
sqlDriver, err := sql.Open(sqlDriverStr, dataSourcePath)
if err != nil {

db = sqlx.NewDb(sqlDriver, sqlDriverStr)
err = db.Ping()
if err != nil {

Execute the query:

deleteQuery := "DELETE SomeTable WHERE hash IN (?)"
_, err = db.Exec(deleteQuery, txsHashes)
if err != nil {

I get an error back:

2018/12/07 00:57:59 sql: converting argument $1 type: unsupported type [][]uint8, a slice of slice

Any idea what can I do?


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