I'm using the if() function in a copy operation for an Azure KeyVault:

"copy": [
                    "name": "myLoop",
                    "count": "[add(variables('users'), length(variables('extraUsers')))]",
                    "input": {
                        "name": "accessPolicies",
                        "properties": {
                            "tenantId": "[variables('tenantId')]",
                            "objectId": "[if(less(copyIndex('myLoop'), variables('users')), reference(concat('Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/myVm', copyIndex('myLoop'), '/providers/Microsoft.ManagedIdentity/Identities/default'), '2015-08-31-PREVIEW').principalId, variables('extraUsers')[sub(copyIndex('myLoop'), variables('users'))].objectId)]",
                            "permissions": "[if(less(copyIndex('myLoop'), variables('users')), json($null), variables('extraUsers')[sub(copyIndex('myLoop'), variables('users'))].permissions)]"

The above boils down to:

if((index < A), <some object>.principalId, myArray[index - A].objectId)

However, when I try to deploy it, I get an error that an index of -1 is not allowed. It seems that ARM evaluates both the true and false expressions, so of course the subtract operation produces a negative result in the false expression.

However, according to the answer here, this should be fixed in all regions:

How the if() function executes in Azure Resource Manager Templates

Anyone know why this is happening?

I did notice that the latest API version for the AKV resource in ARM templates is 2018-02-14, which is well before when bmoore-msft in the above question mentions the bug was fixed. I'm not sure if the API version is an accurate indicator of when code was released, or if it's just a label.

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  • can you share variables? – 4c74356b41 Dec 7 at 5:44
  • Yes, if you can complete the repro will be helpful to see if we have a bug here... – bmoore-msft 22 hours ago

it means your condition evaluates to not what you think it evaluates. api version doesnt matter. also, this is the part that evaluates to -1 (as far as I understand):

sub(copyIndex('myLoop'), variables('users'))

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