I'm trying to send optional parameters to a Twilio Studio Flow Trigger using PHP. I followed the example shown in the Twilio Studio REST API docs and was successful triggering a new Flow using the (required) sender and recipient phone numbers.

use Twilio\Rest\Client;
$token  = "my_auth_token";
$twilio = new Client($sid, $token);
$execution = $twilio->studio->v1->flows("FWXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX")
                                ->create("+15555559876", "+15555551234");

After getting the basic communications working, I now want to pass a couple parameters to the Flow. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any PHP examples that include optional parameters. (The docs mention how to access parameter values in the widgets with {{flow.data.parameterName}}, but not how to generate the request in PHP.)

The answer is probably easy and obvious but I can't figure it out and would appreciate any guidance.


Received an answer from Twilio Support.

$twilio->studio->v1->flows("FWxxxxx")->executions->create("+1646221xxxx", "+1331481xxxx", array("parameters" => array("foo" => "bar")));

Optional parameters are now passing through and can be used by widgets in the Studio Flow.

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