chrome.runtime.onMessage.addListener Receive repeatedly by iframe

/// background.js
(function () {
    function toggle(tab) {
        console.log('activate:', tab.url,;
        chrome.tabs.sendMessage(, {action: 'hihi'});


(function () {
chrome.runtime.onMessage.addListener(function (request, sender, 
    sendResponse) {
        console.log('call : ', request.action);
    return true;

// manifest.json
"all_frames": true 

// console result
call :  hihi
call :  hihi
call :  hihi
  • "all_frames": true, an instance runs in each frame/iframe of the page and each one gets the message.
  • Can I know that which iframe is received?
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  • "Can I know that which iframe is received" - depends on what you mean by "know". The code already "knows" simply because it receives it. You can add document.body in your console.log so it'll be highlighted on mouseover, and you can navigate to the DOM tree by right-clicking it. – wOxxOm Dec 7 at 9:46

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