I have a simple fabric network with an orderer in solo mode and single peer connected. The network is used by two spring-boot apps, each of them using a separate channel. Both apps and fabric nodes are run in AWS and orchestrated using Kubernetes. I'd like to prepare my network for a production environment and ensure resilience of the network. I have couple of questions regarding this topic:

  1. What is the best setup for a resilient network? How many orderers and peers should I have? Are 2 orderer pods and 3 peer pods enough? Would I have to change the setup if I were running the network on bare metal?
  2. How Kafka is utilized by orders?
  3. How do I revive nodes that were off?

    • Do I need to rerun peer channel create -o REVIVED_ORDERER_HOST:PORT -c $CHANNEL_NAME -f ./channel-artifacts/channel.tx when a dead orderer node comes back? In my case I'd have to run it twice for both channels that I have? What would happen if both orderers disappears at the same time?
    • For a peer I assume I need to rerun peer channel join -b $CHANNEL_NAME.block if a peer was offline for some time?
  4. Is there a way to automate this things, e.g. for a peer to automatically rejoin a channel after restart?

Thank you in advance!

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