I'm doing some unit testing with laravel using codeception

I have a mock model class that goes like this

<?php namespace framework\tests\unit\mockModel;

    use \Codeception\Stub;
    use project\mvc\model\modelPermissionLevel;
    use project\mvc\model\modelUser;
    use project\mvc\model\modelApplicantsRestriction;

    class mockModels

and my test class goes like this

use framework\tests\unit\mockModel\mockModels;

class blAuthenticationTest extends \Codeception\Test\Unit
    protected function _before()
        $this->mockModels = new mockModels();

it showing me an error [Error] Class 'framework\tests\unit\mockModel\mockModels' not found. I don't know where I did wrong


I use the require instead of use, for some reason when I'm instantiating a class at the framework directory it produce an error, don't know if that's some limitation of laravel.

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