I have one table notices & I am simply fetching the records of notices using the following query.

    notices n
    LEFT JOIN violations v ON ( v.cid = n.cid AND v.id = n.violation_id )
    n.violation_id = 1

Sample rows
id  notice  notice_datetime 
1     notice1     09/12/2018
2    notice2      08/12/2018
3    notice3      10/12/2018

Is there any way to calculate OFFSET value on the fly?

  • I am not at all clear on what exactly you're trying to accomplish, but I am almost certain that calculating an OFFSET value on the fly is the wrong way to go about it. OFFSET exists primarily to be paired with LIMIT to page results over multiple queries. It sounds more like you need a filter (in the WHERE clause) of some kind. – jpmc26 Dec 7 at 0:36
  • Please edit your question and add some sample rows from your tables and expected result, in tabular format. – Kaushik Nayak Dec 7 at 3:11
  • @KaushikNayak Edited question with sample data. – Pranav Unde yesterday

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