On Windows 10: I am attempting to setup Eclipse Neon to work with Azure. When I attempt to install Scala I get the following message:

The following solutions are not compatible with this version of eclipse. Scala IDE

Version: Neon.2 Release (4.6.2) Build id: 20161208-0600

I can create Java packages, I can't see why it won't let me. This is the C/C++ developers version of eclipse with the Java Development tools added.

I have the same situation on a linux machine, it is running Eclipse Oxygen.3A

I don't want to upgrade the Windows version unless I have to.


When I go to Eclipse marketplace ad search for Scala I get Scalastyle 0.9.0 and it is installed.

  • Are you installing Eclipse IDE from Eclipse Marketplace? – Daniel Hinojosa Dec 7 '18 at 1:11
  • Yes, I am trying to follow the azure installation procedure. – Nefarious Dec 7 '18 at 2:17

If you can not directly install Scala IDE from Eclipse Marketplace, the workaround way is to download a zipfile wrapped the pre-stable one from Scala IDE offical website to follow the below steps to install it.

enter image description here

And here is the installation steps from a zipfile.

  1. Help -> Install New Software
  2. Click on "Add"
  3. Click on "Archive"
  4. Select the *.zip file
  5. The "Location:" text field fo the "Add Site" dialog shows "jar:file:/base-20170609-1342.zip!/"

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