How to retrieve the index of an element in a collection ? My code :

$users = User::has('posts')->withCount('posts')->orderBy('posts_count')->take(50)->get();

    //get the index of auth user id

Thank's for help


You can use the collection search() method: https://laravel.com/docs/5.7/collections#method-search

$users = User::has('posts')->withCount('posts')->orderBy('posts_count')->take(50)->get();

$userIndex = $users->search(function($user) {
    return $user->id === Auth::id();

Just be careful, because the index might be 0:

// DON'T do this
if($userIndex) {
    // this will get skipped if the user is the first one in the collection

// Do this instead
if($userIndex !== false) {
    // this will work

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