1. I have run apache server with virtual hosts with https local certificate
  2. I have installed Xdebug
  3. I have installed Google Chrome extension xDebug Helper
  4. I have started debug connections listing in php storm.

When I try to debug I see debug dialog. But there is no index.php file? What Am I doing wrong?

Why wp-admin/admin.php - is there and index.php - no? Why does PhpStorm suggest only these files? How does PhpStorm define which files to show for debugging?

I want to debug functions.php file. How can I achieve this?

enter image description here

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    "But there is no index.php file? What Am I doing wrong? " PhpStorm is correct. Look at Request Uri field -- you are trying to debug admin script, it does not use index.php. Your webserver executes that script directly accordingly to the standard URL rewrite rules. All good here. If you need to debug index.php then debug public website part (so requests got routed through that file) and not admin side. – LazyOne Dec 7 at 11:26
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    "I want to debug functions.php file. How can I achieve this?" Place breakpoint in that file and call any URL that will end up in executing code with breakpoint. – LazyOne Dec 7 at 11:27
  • Thank you for your help!. Can you explain why PhpStorm suggests a lot of files are not in wp-admin directory? My request is wp-admin/amin.php but PhpStorm also suggests files inside directories wp-admin/includes,` wp-admin/user` and so on. How does PhpStorm`s algorithm work in that case? Why am I seeing not only wp-admin/admin.php, but a lot of files in different directories instead? – searcherforthe trueth Dec 7 at 19:21
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    If you look at those paths.. you will notice that all of them are admin.php files .. just from different folders.That's in case if some special mapping is required / project has complex structure and not simple 1:1 mapping. So just choose the most suitable one -- it will ask only once when settings up that PHP | Servers entry. – LazyOne Dec 7 at 19:28

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