I have quite complex QML view which basically is a GridView, but default GridView is not used because it doesn't support sections.

For this reason I am using a combination of Flickable+Grids and Repeater to populate multiple section headers + its grids under one scroll.

Now, as cacheBuffer is not available and we do have quite heavy visual delegates for the views + infinite model for the last section(which is fetched as user scrolls further) our RAM consumption is increasing like crazy when you continuously scrolling. My best guess yet is that each instantiated QML delegate is being kept in memory basically forever.

I'm looking for the solution where you mimic GridView's cacheBuffer property and apply it for simple Grid and unload delegates that are far away from visible scroll area.

As for now, am thinking about using Loader to load each delegate and keep track of what items are in/close to visible scroll area so theirs Loaders can load/unload its content.

Would appreciate any suggestion.

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