I'm currently working on a THREE.JS project. I need to customize a fragment_shader with programmable blending instead of using predefined blending. To do this, I want to use gl_LastFragData in my fragment_shader. But I got this error.Error image

How can I use gl_LastFragData in WEBGL or is there any other equivalent way?


There is no gl_LastFragData in WebGL. WebGL is based on OpenGL ES 2.0, WebGL2 is based on OpenGL ES 3.0. Neither of those support gl_LastFragData

The traditional way of using a previous result is to pass it in as a texture when generating the next result

someOperation1(A, B)            -> TempTexture1
someOperation2(TempTexture1, C) -> TempTexture2
someOperation3(TempTexture2, D) -> TempTexture1
someOperation4(TempTexture1, E) -> TempTexture2
someOperation5(TempTexture2, F) -> resultTexture/fb/canvas/window


  • hi @gman, I'm using WEBGL1 and i'm overriding meshphsicalframent_shader. I need to use custom blending function instead of predefined blnding functions like blendFunc(gl.ONE,gl.ONE) so I'd like to do something like gl_FragData[0] = color+ gl_LastFragData[0] * weight; Any ideas? – Yohan Torres Dec 7 '18 at 8:06
  • Hi @gman I also need to use `gl_FragData[1]' – Yohan Torres Dec 7 '18 at 8:13
  • hi @gman, is there something equivalent to blBlendfunci in WEBGL1? – Yohan Torres Dec 7 '18 at 11:02

gl_LastFragData is not present in webgl or opengl specs. Hovewer there is extensions mechanism in these API's.

You can query for available extensions on program start and see if desired features are available. To use available extension in shader program you should activate it in shader source code.

You error message says that you try to use extension functionality when it is unavailable.

Speaking of your exact case - check EXT_shader_framebuffer_fetch extension. Also worth checking ARM_shader_framebuffer_fetch, NV_shader_framebuffer_fetch.

Hovewer these extensions are written against OpenGL 2.0, OpenGL ES2.0. I'm not sure if they do exist as webgl extensions.

Expect framebuffer fetch functionality to be present on mobile devices and not present on desktop devices. As far as I understand that comes from difference between GPU architectures for mobile and desktop (tile-based vs immediate mode rasterizers). Tile-based gpu can use tile local memory for effective lookup.

  • Hi @mlnk, How can I apply blendFunc for gl_FragData[0] and gl_FragData[1] separately? – Yohan Torres Dec 7 '18 at 9:29

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