Good day, No idea if anyone can help me on this issue but I'm running out of ideas so I gotta ask.

I'm currently playing around with Matzman666's VRInputEmulator for SteamVR.

I am trying to find out when the Windows Mixed Reality controllers go out of view of the HMD cameras. I believe the best way to do this is to get the Source Loss Risk and/or Position Accuracy from the controllers but I can't figure out how.

First, I tried to use newPose.poseIsValid and newPose.result in DeviceManipulationHandle::handlePoseUpdate() but, as I guessed, this does not represent the information I require.

Second, I tried hooking into VendorSpecificEvent in IVRServerDriverHost005Hooks::IVRServerDriverHost005Hooks() using:

CREATE_MH_HOOK(vendorSpecificEventHook, _vendorSpecificEvent, "IVRServerDriverHost005::VendorSpecificEvent", iptr, 3);  //VV

void IVRServerDriverHost005Hooks::_vendorSpecificEvent(void* _this, uint32_t unWhichDevice, const vr::VREvent_Data_t & eventData, double eventTimeOffset) {
    LOG(INFO) << "TEST!!! " << unWhichDevice;
    vendorSpecificEventHook.origFunc(_this, unWhichDevice, eventData, eventTimeOffset);

But this does not seem to get called at all. Though perhaps I am using the wrong vTable index as I am not very familiar with it all. I've tried many different indices and they either result in error, already created or not producing results that make sense or at all.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  • I suppose another solution would be to construct a view frustum or something attached to the HMD then when the controllers are outside of it they are likely out of view... Though I believe there should be a way to access the inherent tracking state instead. – VrydayVrything Dec 7 at 3:29

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