I have a lot of documents to be commented on with the draw free form tool and I wish for them to be flatted automatically after the user close the document. There are multiple documents each with one page

Using JavaScript I can run "this.flattenPages();" for ether 1) Document Actions at the Document Will Close in the JavaScript tools or 2) page properties -> actions -> Page Close -> Run a JavaScript.

But the problem is it will only work for one document I set this up in. Is it possible to set this up globally/permanently so every single document will run the code?

  • Acrobat doesn't have the concept of event listeners so you won't be able to use an application wide JavaScript to run your code. However, you could create an application wide script that will inject the Document Action JavaScript every time a document gets opened that doesn't already have the code by detecting changes in the app.activeDocs array. Once injected, your code will run on that document. – joelgeraci Dec 7 '18 at 15:56

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