IE <= 8 doesn't support font-size: 1vw and the site I am developing for requires that I do.

If I do calc(1px * 1vw), does that return a pixel value? Is my understanding of calc() right?

I am under the assumption that font-sie: 1vw doesn't work because IE doesn't know how to convert vw to px?

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The short answer is no because calc() is not supported on IE <= 8.

The slightly longer answer is still no because you cannot multiply or divide by different units. Here's what the W3 docs say:

At *, check that at least one side is number. If both sides are integer, resolve to . Otherwise, resolve to the type of the other side.

At /, check that the right side is number. If the left side is integer, resolve to . Otherwise, resolve to the type of the left side.


Since vw won't work for IE8 (and neither will em or rem) the only thing I can think of is trying %.

If you can get away with a static font size on IE8 just add a fallback font size. That way modern browsers will read 1vw and move on with their day, and IE8 will read it and say I'm a dinosaur and don't know what that is, so I'll go with your previous size (e.g. 16px).

p {
  font-size: 16px;
  font-size: 1vw;
  • Amazing. Perfect answer. Thank you. – moto Dec 7 at 5:03

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