I was writing a java client with jolt class library connecting to tuxedo, when without any i18n it worked perfectly well. But as I included i18n, it broke. Here is what I did in the client:

    /* jolt.jar, jolti18n.jar, joltjse.jar, are all included in the classpath */

    System.setProperty("bea.jolt.encoding", "GBK"); // without this line, everything is good.

    JoltSessionAttributes sattr = new JoltSessionAttributes();
    sattr.setString(JoltSessionAttributes.APPADDRESS, host);
    sattr.setInt(JoltSessionAttributes.IDLETIMEOUT, 300);
    sattr.setInt(JoltSessionAttributes.SENDTIMEOUT, 10);

    JoltSession session = new JoltSession(sattr, null, null, null, null);

    JoltRemoteService rservice = new JoltRemoteService("QAM_CBS1_L1SVC", session); // Here throws the bea.jolt.ServiceException

    /* some parameter setting here that doesn't concern */



This is the exception I got:

Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" bea.jolt.ServiceException: Service is not available:QAM_CBS1_L1SVC
    at bea.jolt.JoltRemoteService.init(JoltRemoteService.java:146)
    at bea.jolt.JoltRemoteService.<init>(JoltRemoteService.java:102)
    at com.wonderland.yang.util.ServiceCaller.call(ServiceCaller.java:23)
    at com.wonderland.yang.MyGUI.submit(MyGUI.java:293)

What I can be sure is that the tuxedo server supports i18n("GBK" as the charset), as we already hava a WebLogicserver connecting to it and it responds with Chinese characters perfectly fine. The VM option of the WebLogic:


I did some research, and all I could find about jolt+i18n is:

  1. Include jolti18n.jar, or even joltjse.jar, into the classpath in client.
  2. Set the charset in the client.
  3. Make sure tuxedo server has enabled i18n support.

I did all the above things. Please help.

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