I am trying to export mongo collection as it is to json file. I am using SpringBatch to export data, I am able to retrieve data from MongoDb using MongoItemReader, but I am getting error entity should not be null while writing as output.

public ItemReader<Object> reader(){
    MongoItemReader<Object> mongoReader = new MongoItemReader<>();
    Map<String, Sort.Direction>sortOptions = new HashMap<>();
    sortOptions.put("_id", ASC);
    mongoReader.setQuery("{ \"lastUpdateDate\": { $gt: ISODate(\"2018-12-03T23:55:02.360+0000\") } }");
    return mongoReader;

public class MongoExportWriter implements ItemWriter<Object>{

public void write(List<?> items) throws Exception {
    Map<Object, Object> map1 = new HashMap<>();
    Long count1= items.stream().count();

  • I used mongoexport form the command prompt and exported data to json format. But I want to develop the application environment friendly windows and mac. Is there any other way to do this in java without consuming huge memory (I tried with collections it took good amount of memory). – raj Dec 18 '18 at 6:16

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