I have some jsonPath infomation like below:

"syncData": {
        "$.name": "haha",
        "$.accountId": "1848",
        "$.probability": 9,
        "$.dealInfoVo.amount": "1000",
        "$.description": "11144",
        "$.owners[0].ownerUserId": "999",
        "$.owners[0].isPrimary": "true",
        "$.expectedCloseTime": 1543680000000,

and How can I create the json using those jsonPath infomation? the expected json like this:

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    What have you tried so far? – Andreas Dec 7 at 3:18
  • @Andreas I tried to recursive create JsonObject by analysis path. for example : I read the path from beginning to end, every time I met a "." then I find the field,if not founded, I create a subJsonObject and put its reference into the parent Object, but the difficulty is the array, it's so complex. – tiduazgy zgy Dec 7 at 3:39
  • You could parse the array by "[" and "]" and the position in the array by the number between the two square bracket. If it is an array, the array identifier will always be the last 3 characters of that particular path segment. Please include in the question your attempt so far – Andreas Dec 7 at 3:41

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