i tried to pick lines containing matching pattern in a very big log file of about 2.5GB using 'sed'

sed -e '/OutOfMemory/p' <file_name>

But not finding this giving me correct results. Appreciate any help on this. (OS:HP UX, Shell: ksh)

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    Welcome to Stack Overflow. Please edit your question (using the edit button just below the question tags) and provide samples of lines which are not matching which you expect to match. Also, on HP-UX you might try using the gsed command (GNU sed) instead of sed. I know gsed is available on our HP-UX boxes, but I don't know if that's a part of the standard install or an extra. – Bob Jarvis Dec 7 at 3:19
  • Hi Bob, Thanks for reply. Unable to provide log details as the data is sensitive. Apologies for this. Will try gsed as suggested and check. Thanks. – vimZ Dec 7 at 4:41
  • tried with gsed. it's not a part of the OS which i have here. so will need to use sed only. – vimZ Dec 7 at 4:43
  • Well, one thing I can see is that it appears that you should not be using the -e command-line flag. -e tells sed that the next token on the input line will be the name of a file which contains the commands to be executed; however, you have the command to be executed immediately following -e. Just remove -e from your command line and try running it - in other words, sed '/OutOfMemory/p' <file_name>. – Bob Jarvis Dec 7 at 13:09
  • Why not use grep OutOfMemory <filename> ? – Andre Gelinas 2 days ago

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