Im search information about it ago several hours but I cannot find a solve.

I have a plugin with a global functions called "get_regions()":

$all_regions = get_regions();
// array('region-1', 'region-2', 'region-3', 'region-4')

Then I need put those values in a select in my block Gutenberg. I have this code in my edit function and it works!

edit: function(props) {

    return el(Fragment, {},
        el(InspectorControls, {},
            el(PanelBody, { title: __( 'Target Countries Settings') },
                el(PanelRow, { className: 'components-base-control'},
                    el(SelectControl, {
                            label: __('Include Regions'),
                            multiple : 'true',
                            options : [
                                    { label: __( 'region-1' ), value: 'region-1' },
                                    { label: __( 'region-2' ), value: 'region-2' }

But it has static values, I need the options in "SelectControl" has those values from the function get_regions().

How can I get this values from side server?


Ok I had use the plan B.

I used wp_localize_script() to send this values.


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