We are bind mounting host volume to container. It is working sporadically. Sometimes host directory is not binding with container and sometimes it is getting mounted only after container restart.


  • Can you provide us more info? What OS are you using it on? Can you provide us the docker-compose.yaml? What exactly does "directory is not binding" mean? – Michal Hošna 2 days ago
  • version: "2.1" services: <service name>: image: <image name> container_name: <container name> ports: - 8186:8080 volumes: - /etc/etcd:/etc/etcd restart: on-failure:5 – Revanth 2 days ago
  • Thing is we are mounting some directory while creating container and we are removing some files and recreating them in the same directory. But the newly created files are not getting reflected inside container until we restart it – Revanth 2 days ago
  • You can edit the question. It's not readable int the comments. – Michal Hošna 2 days ago

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