I am trying to implement a list of custom card view's(Like the CollectionView in ios with custom collectionview cell). How can I achieve this any idea's or tutorials plz. I do not want to use third party. Could someone help me out.

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A list View with custom cell, and detail of the render method and keyextractor.

Depends on what you are trying to do. In minimum, a FlatList expects the following props;

  • data: An array of data. (Each data point is one row in your list)
  • renderItem: How to transform a data point into a row. (Think of your render function, but for just a row.)
  • keyExtractor: How to create keys(think of them as ids) for these rows to keep track of them.

In the end you would need to do the following (keep in mind data structure, keyExtractor and what is being rendered is completely arbitrary);

    data={[{ id: 1, text: 'Hello' }, { id: 2, text: 'StackOverflow!' }]}
    keyExtractor={item => `texts#${item.id}`}
    renderItem={({ item }) => (<Text>{item.text}</Text>)}

More extensive data about this can be found at official React Native documentation.

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