I have some (android)projects in firebase with email "A".And i also added email "B" as editor. Now i permanently deleted email "A" from Gmail. And now there is no email "A" anymore as gmail account. So, only email "B" can see firebase project as editor. I have some questions about this issue.

  1. will all firebase projects associated email "A" be delete soon as email "A" was deleted permanently??
  2. Can email "B" take ownership from editor to owner??
  3. Can email "B" access all firebase projects from email "A" as editor forever??

Help me please.

Thank you

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  • If you've lost owner access to you Firebase project, you should contact Firebase support directly. firebase.google.com/support/contact – Doug Stevenson 2 days ago
  • I already deleted ownership gmail account permanently. How can i contact with them? – Mamunur Rahman 2 days ago
  • Click the link in my comment. – Doug Stevenson 2 days ago
  • I sent email from editor email not from ownership email. is it ok? – Mamunur Rahman 2 days ago
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