I am using SharePoint 2013 enterprise and custom site master page is applied.

I am facing an issue with "Add new document" link of xsltlistviewwebpart of a custom created document library.

From code behind I have created a library with subfolders and I have added that library's XsltListViewWebPart in Page library's publishing page on web level feature activation.

The default that web part comes with "Full Toolbar" property but that doesn't shows add document link. The only time it displays toolbar is with "Show Toolbar" option. Also "Show Toolbar" option can only set with OOTB, I can not set that Toolbar type property using code behind.

I am doing all these operations with Admin account. So that I can omit the permission issue.

Is there any solution to display "Add new document" link and set Toolbar property from code behind? Any possible workaround for this?

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