Hi I am currently struggling with my social-auth-django as it keeps giving me

ModuleNotFoundError at /auth/complete/google-oauth2/
No module named 'social_auth'

When I click the login button, It redirects to the google authentication perfectly, yet After entering my credentials, and when it redirects to my website it kept giving me that error message :")

I am new to the web development Environment and I'll be glad if anyone can help :D

Thank you

Here is also a segment of my code (settings.py)

'social_core.backends.open_id.OpenIdAuth',  # for Google authentication
'social_core.backends.google.GoogleOpenId',  # for Google authentication
'social_core.backends.google.GoogleOAuth2',  # for Google authentication


PS. I've pip installed social-auth-app-django, pip install social-auth-core, pip install python-social-auth,deleting and reinstall my virtual environment yet the problem persists on

D:\Website\newWeb\venv\lib\site-packages\social_core\utils.py in import_module, line 55

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