I am working with a LDAP extension, it queries the Active Directory server and returns the result as a Yii2 ArrayDataProvider.

$attributes = Yii::$app->ldap->searchUserByLogin($this->username, ['mail', 'sn', 'givenname']);

A vardump of the returned info is as follows;

    [key] => null
    [allModels] => [
        0 => [
            'mail' => ‘test@test.com
            'sn' => ‘Surname’
            'givenname' => ‘FirstName’
            'middlename' => null
    [modelClass] => null
    [id] => null
    [yii\data\BaseDataProvider:_sort] => null
    [yii\data\BaseDataProvider:_pagination] => null
    [yii\data\BaseDataProvider:_keys] => null
    [yii\data\BaseDataProvider:_models] => null
    [yii\data\BaseDataProvider:_totalCount] => null
    [yii\base\Component:_events] => []
    [yii\base\Component:_eventWildcards] => []
    [yii\base\Component:_behaviors] => null

It was my understanding I could treat the data as objects and access them like;


But I get an error that the object isn't found. Then if I try and treat it like a traditional array I get;

Cannot use object of type yii\data\ArrayDataProvider as array yii2

Help would be much appreciated.



Could you show your view/xxx.html code, ArrayDataProvider provide an object, I want to know how you use ArrayDataProvider?

It seems to be possible in your code to have used this code


which should be like below

$results = $attributes->getModels();
  • ArrayDataProvider provide an array. – Jonni Dec 7 '18 at 6:44
  • I'm using it in the controller only to create / update the user information from the LDAP server. I get the error Cannot use object of type yii\data\ArrayDataProvider as array yii2 when I try to access it like a regular array $user = new User(); $user->username = $this->username; $user->email = $attributes['allModels'][0]['mail']; $user->setPassword($this->password); $user->generateAuthKey(); $user->save(); – Garrett Macarthur Dec 7 '18 at 6:51
  • Could you show var_dump($results = $attributes->getModels());? – Jonni Dec 7 '18 at 7:02
  • I can get it now.$results = $attributes->getModels(); then $user->email = $results[0]['mail']; Thank you very much! – Garrett Macarthur Dec 7 '18 at 7:11

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