Is there any attribute available for Min and Max length validation in Angular Material 7.X ? md-maxlength is deprecated in 7.X version and not working. If we use ng-maxlength it wont show the counter text on validation.

Please suggest.

  • Have you read the documentation ? Several examples are there for you. – trichetriche 2 days ago
  • Hi trichetriche, thanks for the response, I am looking for material maxlength attribute. – YYY 2 days ago
  • Angular (and its Material implementation) relies on HTML to create validators. Since material inputs implement ControlValueAccessor, they implement all the basic validators. so <input matInput maxlength="12"> will work. – trichetriche 2 days ago

If you are using any of these Direvtives formControlName,formControl or ngModel, then you can use maxlength to limit the max characters.

Refer official docs -

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